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2024-2025 Safe and Inclusive School Planlearning triangle

Our school is committed to providing all students with a safe, caring, and inclusive learning environment free from bullying and harassment that promotes respect, acceptance, and empathy.

Staff, students, parents and caregivers, and community partners will work together as a team to help make our school safe and welcoming for everyone.

The Safe and Inclusive School Plan highlights some of the key actions that our school community will put in place as part of our bullying prevention and intervention efforts.

Key Priorities and Goals

This year we are focusing on developing conflict resolution skills and restorative solutions. In addition, we will be identifying and celebrating the diversity of the Arthur Stringer community.  We are doing this to improve student connections, foster empathy, and build a strong sense of community that embraces our diversity.

Key Actions or Strategies

  • Explicitly teach, model, and practice conflict resolution strategies and restorative solutions.  ​
  • Provide opportunities to explore student identities, diversity, and lived experiences.  ​
  • Engage families with resources and opportunities to solve conflicts in a prosocial manner at home and in the community.

Community and Home Connections

  • Ask your child about a conflict resolution strategy practiced at school.
  • Try practicing active listening and "I statements" to express feelings with your child (e.g., “I feel ______ when_____________.”).
  • Discuss lived experiences at school and in the community.  Encourage your child to consider a variety of points of view when talking about situations they see around them. ​
  • Check out the “Speak Up” and “Conflict vs Bullying” resources to address conflict. ­­